Vertical Shaft Impact Crusher

Sicoma Mao Concrete Mixer

Sicoma Mao Concrete Mixer

Sicoma is an ancient Italy brand. The design and manufacture of the mixer has nearly 20 years history. Because of its good product quality, the Sicoma mixer is highly recognized by the customers and the market.Service Online >

The vertical shaft impact crusher is specially designed to make perfect Manufactured Sand. It was born to solve two problems. The first problem is that natural sand is forbidden to be mined in many areas. The second problem is that the artificial sand grains produced by traditional crushing equipment are too bad. In the field of constriction, the vertical shaft impact crusher is so famous, so people also call it VSI for short name.


There are many manufacturers in the world which produce VSI machines, some have already had a history of more than 100 years, but most of the VSI has the disadvantages of low energy efficiency and strict requirements for raw materials. Our Machine have the advantages that:

  1. Large feeding opening, and it is accessible to 89mm raw materials, which can decrease the number of crushers in crushing production line.

  2. It needs just one motor, so it can save more than 50% energy and its input-output ratio is low.

  3. It adopts wearing parts made by special materials, which can prolong its service life and reduce cost.

  4. For sand making and aggregates shaping, it can use different cavity types optionally.

  5. It uses hydraulic lifter to provide safe and convenient maintenance.

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