Stationary Concrete Placing Boom

Sicoma Mao Concrete Mixer

Sicoma Mao Concrete Mixer

Sicoma is an ancient Italy brand. The design and manufacture of the mixer has nearly 20 years history. Because of its good product quality, the Sicoma mixer is highly recognized by the customers and the market.Service Online >

The Stationary Concrete Placing Booms are used on jobs where the confines of the construction site will not permit the movements of trucks mounted boom or line pump.

Placing booms are usually placed on the jobsite with a large crane or on a mast with a self climbing mechanism. Mostly the placing booms are mounted on the top of multistory building as its being constructed and moving up into the sky. They are generally erected in the middle of the construction site or along the passage for the elevator, which help to provide maximum reach.

Stationary concrete placing boom are the ideal method of choice for placement of concrete during multi-story building projects like high rise buildings. Separate concrete placing booms can be used in situations where the boom truck may not be able to conveniently access the pour site. Combined with the right concrete pump, these placing booms provide a systematic method of concrete distribution. Typically, the boom is remounted on a pedestal, which can be located hundreds of feet from the pump and connected with a pipeline.


Our company's concrete placing boom has formed a series of products,which radius is 10m-8m in various specifications. If you have special needs, we also can be customized according to user requirements(all models no contain hoses).

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